About the Mentoring Program

Purpose of the SoCal WICT Mentoring Program

Help develop leaders who transform our industry by creating Mentoring relationships between SoCal WICT members

  • Mentoring is relationship oriented
  • Mentoring is long term
  • Mentoring is development driven
  • Mentoring cultivates growth and learning that is mutually beneficial
"Mentoring is a privileged relationship between a more experienced person and a less experienced person where profound learning happens and a mutual responsibility grows. The Mentee gains from the Mentor's tacit professional and organizational knowledge, and gets accelerated experience and insight. The Mentor gains a sense of sponsorship and legacy, as well as fresh insights and renewal. Mentoring is less about competencies and more about wisdom."
- Personnel Decisions International

Benefits of Participating in SoCal WICT Mentoring Program

For the Mentor
  • Allows the mentor to give back
  • Reminds the mentor how to listen actively rather than passively
  • Encourages the mentor to share knowledge
  • Strengths the mentor’s interpersonal relationship skills
  • Helps re-energize the mentor’s career
  • Leads to more personal satisfaction on the mentor’s behalf
For the Mentee
  • Increases the mentee’s self-confidence
  • Helps the mentee take better control of his/her career
  • Educates the mentee on how to accept feedback
  • Improves the mentee’s interpersonal relationship skills
  • Provides an important networking contact

Mentoring Program Time Commitments

  • Complete the mentor/mentee application
  • Attend the Mentor Program Kick Off Event
  • Meet with mentor/mentee at least once per month during the six month long program
  • Attend the Mid-Point Event
  • Attend the Mentor Program Wrap Up Event

Role of Mentor

The success of the Mentoring Program is highly dependent upon your leadership and participation. You are the Mentor Program’s most valuable asset! Specifically your role is to:

  • Give advice and guidance, share ideas, and provide feedback
  • Share information on "unwritten rules for success" within environment/organization
  • Be a source for encouragement/support
  • Attend the 2017 Mentor Program Events (see above)
  • Meet with your mentee in person or phone at least once per month

Role of Mentee

The success of the Program is highly dependent upon your participation and commitment. As a Mentee, you OWN the process. We are looking for candidates who are ready to take the next step in their careers and are anxious to take advantage of the resources available to them through this Mentoring Program. The more you put into the Program, the more you will get from it! Specifically, your role is to:

  • Driver of the relationship
  • Identify the skills, knowledge, and/or goals that you want to achieve and communicate them to your mentor
  • Bring new topics that are important to you at any point
  • Work with your mentor to set up goals, developmental activities and time frames
  • Work with your mentor to seek resources for learning; identify people and information that might be helpful
  • Take full advantage of this opportunity to learn
  • Attend the 2017 Mentor Program Events (see above)
  • Meet with your mentee in person or phone at least once per month

Any additional questions contact the 2017 Mentoring Program Chair: Liv Hanlon at socalwictvp@gmail.com