Membership Benefits


WICT gives you the tools to define your career journey.

Why join this unique and important organization? As a WICT member, you will align yourself with nearly 10,000 cable professionals. This alone will better enable you to develop valuable connections with industry peers and leaders while gaining access to members-only resources and professional development programs at national and chapter events throughout the country. But also consider these benefits of membership.

You'll also be able to:

• Grasp New Knowledge, Escalate Your Career
• Extend Your Network
• Access Online Resources
• Enjoy Local WICT Southern California Access
• Learn How to Manage Your Career
• Acquire Transitional Benefits: Receive Free or Deeply-Discounted Registration Fees
• Be Recognized For Your Achievements

Grasp New Knowledge, Escalate Your Career: Whether you're striving to be more effective in your current position or aspiring to take your career to the next level, WICT provides an array of educational programs, services and volunteer experiences to further your professional development.

Extend Your Network: When you join WICT, you surround yourself with individuals, who like you, recognize the value of the WICT community. Our network of nearly 10,000 established and rising industry leaders exchange knowledge and experiences to advance each other's progress. WICT provides a variety of opportunities to build enriching relationships including renowned leadership programs, local chapter networking events and participation on chapter boards.

Access Online Resources: WICT’s electronic newsletter, the WICT Wire, provides WICT and industry news—right to your inbox each month. And our newest informational resource, @WICT, offers you the best compilation of information gleaned from WICT’s Twitter posts. You can also take advantage of exclusive access to the members-only section of the WICT website where you will find special offers and social networks with rich information only available to members.

Enjoy Local Access: With 20 local WICT chapters, you will gain access to the local programs and resources our chapters offer. Like the national office of WICT, our chapters embrace individuality, diversity and innovation in their offerings. Each chapter works diligently to attract, grow and retain its chapter members by offering an array of programs and activities, including industry- and geographically-specific education, professional branding and communications and one-on-one mentoring. 

Learn How to Manage Your Career: The WICT Online Career Center puts you in front of more than 200 media companies and helps you become your own career manager. Search for immediate opportunities and build a confidential career profile and resume today. WICT member companies are allowed complimentary and discounted position openings.

Acquire Transitional Member Benefits: WICT members affected by the economic climate, industry consolidation or company restructuring, may take advantage of reduced member dues through WICT's Transitional Member Program. Contact WICT at if you would like more details.

Be Recognized For Your Achievements: WICT offers multiple awards throughout the year at both the national and chapter levels. These programs honor individuals and companies at various levels, including the prestigious WICT Signature Accolades, WICT Touchstone Awards, and the Women in Technology Award.

Have WICT in Your Corner: WICT conducts its own original research and corporate outreach on issues that matter to advancing women. We serve as an advocate for you and all women in cable. The WICT PAR Initiative gives you the industry standards on Pay Equity, Advancement Opportunities and Resources for Work/Life Support.

WICT National Training Programs:

• Betsy Magness Graduate & Leadership Institutes

• Executive Development Series

• Rising Leaders Program

• Senior Executive Summit

• Tech It Out Conference Panel

• WICT Leadership Conference

• Exclusive “Cable Boot Camps” tailored specifically for your company

• Online Webinars, both live and through our online library

• WICT Touchstones Luncheon

• WICT Signature Luncheon

• Chapter Mentoring and other local Professional Development programs

WICT Southern California Programs:

• Mentoring Program:  Participate as a Mentor or Mentee
• Tech it Out: Learn how technology is impacting our industry
• Community Service: Making Strides against Cancer
• Wednesday Webinars
• Mentoring Luncheon
• Leadership Luncheon
• Coffee Talk
• LEA Awards