Message From the President

SoCal WICT Members,

Welcome to the New Year! As we find ourselves closing out 2014 and diving into 2015, I hope each of you take a moment to recall a few occasions during the past year that you remember with fondness. As our industry continues to evolve we are forced to adapt. No one is exempt. To some degree, we have all been impacted, myself included. It is unusual for me to use valuable real estate in our newsletter to share a personal experience but these are not usual times so I am trying something new.

Just over a year ago, I was affected by a change to my current role. I could have stayed and took a lateral move, although I knew in my heart I would not be happy. I had been at the company for 15 years and needless to say I was extremely comfortable. During that time I made several lifelong friends. And for me, it is all about the people -- I make it my mission to surround myself with those who are smarter, wiser and think differently. It’s a high standard… one I’m not willing to compromise. Despite all the forces that were holding me there, I decided to take a leap and venture out into the world of searching for a new job.

Emotionally, it has been quite a ride. Was it easy? – No. Was I impatient? – Yes. Did it seem harder than it should be? – Yes. Did I learn a lot about myself? – more than I cared to ☺. Was it worth not settling? – absolutely! The one constant through it all was the network I have in WICT. Everyone has been incredibly supportive. If you are in the midst of a change, remember you have an amazing “safety net” that is 400 members strong to help catch you and get you back on your feet. Be sure to use it. And if I can personally help in any way, don’t hesitate to ask me.

Please take a few minutes to read about all the great events SoCal WICT hosted in 2014 year and I can assure you the lineup we have for next year is going to knock your socks off! Please come join us and commit to being more active in WICT next year. Will it pay off for you? – guaranteed. Please visit our website for the most current list of events.

Wishing you a healthy and joyful new year!